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Hello my name is Simon Davies and I’m a full-stack web developer based in Twickenham, London.

I have over 10 years experience as a web developer and I have a passion for creating beautiful and high performance products for the web. I work across both front-end and back-end and usually prefer to work on either Craft CMS, Shopify or Laravel projects, but I’m always learning new frameworks and techniques.

I have experience working with clients across multiple sectors and sizes ranging from small startups to multinational corporations. If you want to have a chat to find out more about me, or discuss your next web project then please get in touch.

I work with


OHMME home


OHMME is a men's lifewear brand with a focus on performance. I worked with OHMME to develop a new bespoke Shopify theme using Slate to launch their new range of clothing.



NURVV Run is a new fitness wearable aimed at aspiring runners looking to improve their technique. I worked with NURVV to help setup their Shopify store and develop a custom Shopify theme using Slate.


One Ten

Designed by MMCC Projects

One Ten is a Hong Kong Foundation that encourages young adults to take up exercise to help them tackle the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Canopy Beer Co Website by Simon Davies Craft CMS Developer

Canopy Beer Co.

Designed by MMCC Projects

Canopy are a brewery based in Herne Hill, London. I worked alongside the branding agency to help relaunch their branding with a new website built with Craft CMS and a simple shop with Shopify.


Namespacing Models in Laravel

Posted by Simon Davies & filed under Laravel, PHP.

I have been using Laravel quite a bit recently and it's a great framework, which is really good fun to code with. I've just started writing a registration system in Laravel and came across a problem which I felt was worth sharing. I was creating the table and model to store the event details and [...]

Show Woocommerce stock status for unmanaged products

Posted by Simon Davies & filed under WooCommerce, WordPress.

The WooCommerce stock status (In Stock, Out of stock) will only show if WooCommerce is managing the stock for you. I was working on a project and the client wanted the ability to manually set if the product was in stock or not. The code snippet below will allow you to show the stock status [...]

Setting a different ul bullet colour in CSS

Posted by Simon Davies & filed under CSS, SASS.

I've always found it annoying that you can't set a different ul bullet colour through CSS. It should be as simple as: ul { color: red; } li { color: black; } But unfortunately CSS will render both black. I came across this again the other day in a project, and I was just about to fire up photoshop and create another [...]

WP-Admin broken after updating WordPress

Posted by Simon Davies & filed under MAMP, WordPress.

Have you just updated your local of WordPress and its now all broken on MAMP, I've had this problem a few times now so thought it would be worth sharing how to fix this. The problem is caused by the load-scripts.php file being compressed with zlib, I first did as suggested on this stackoverflow question. [...]

Backing up MySQL Databases

Posted by Simon Davies & filed under Bash, MySQL.

As a web developer you learn that there is nothing more important than keeping regular backups of your databases. I've created a little bash script to help with Backing up MySQL databases for this I'll use mysqldump. Mysqldump is a nifty little utility that lets you dump the contents of a database to a file, [...]

Website relaunch

Posted by Simon Davies & filed under Random.

I've found that one of the best parts of putting my site live in May earlier this year, was being able to start again and use what I had learnt to improve my site. Today I have launched my new design and I couldn't be happier with it. I think as a web developer/designer it's easy [...]


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